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Play Counter Strike & Co for prize money and experience
an unprecedented gaming experience!

Already over 25,000 registered CashPlayers!


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Of course, you can withdraw your cash points at any time. You retain full control over your deposits and winnings. Withdrawals are made in real time and securely via PayPal. Further payment methods will follow.

Play with your team

Power Gameplay! Your teammates and you have a common goal: victory and prize money! An unprecedented atmosphere in the team - thrills, excitement and boiling emotions are the result!


You have the choice between individually oriented and team-based game modes. Play with your team or as a lone warrior on the battlefield. Choose from Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Hostage Liberation, and more.


You only play with players who exactly match your level. The matchmaking was thought through from start to finish and designed fairly. You always have the best chance to become a winner and get the CashPoints!

Head of Referees Maxim T.


Security and fairness have top priority at CashPlayers! Our trained referees take strict action against hacking and smurfing. Your team and you have the opportunity to report suspicious players.

CashPlayers gives everyone the opportunity to assert themselves as professional players.

I have followed their progress to give games a new perspective from the beginning on and I find no shortcomings in their concept.

I am already excited to play on their servers and I hope to meet good opponents at the release!

To all of you out there, get ready for a new era of e-sports!

Melock, Streamer

We as a clan find the system very innovative and interesting.

We are happy that even players with little or moderate experience are in good hands at Cashplayers and can prove themselves there against equal opponents.

The Anti-Hack and Anti-Smurf concept, as well as the continuous development of the system and the real referees give us a very optimistic feeling about the release.

Absolute recommendation from our side.

The Lunatic Asylum, Clan

CashPlayers is in my opinion a well thought out concept which provides a completely new gaming experience that was otherwise reserved for professional players only.

Anyone can push themselves to the limit and prove their skills when there is something at stake.

Good servers and even more important, a fantastic Anti-Smurf and Anti-Hack concept!

Looking forward to the release!

KaysonS, Streamer

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Short FAQs

Will other games be available soon?

Our goal is to integrate all major multiplayer online games with competition character into CashPlayers. We are currently negotiating with the game manufacturers. Of course we will keep you up to date here, via social media and our official newsletter.

Are you already registered? Sign up now.

Is it legal?

It goes without saying that this is a legal game concept.

How does it work with pay-in and pay-out?

Paying in and paying out are extremely fast. If you click on "Withdraw", the indicated amount will be transferred via PayPal within seconds. The pay-in over 20 € and the pay-out are free of charge.

Do I play against pros? Is your matchmaking fair? What do you do against Smurfs?

You only play against players in the same league. To move up, you must first prove your skills in your current league - similar to the football league system in Germany.
Smurf accounts are recognized by our referees and removed from the lower leagues as quickly as possible by Elo Boosting. With our trained referees, we offer the toughest anti-surf and hack concept in the gaming scene.

How does it work with winning prize money?

If you want to participate in a round, a participation fee is due. The winner of the round (you or your team) will receive the prize money.

What do you do against hackers?

Our trained referees will take strict action against hacking. You have the possibility to report a hacker. As soon as several players are of the opinion that a player is a hacker, the round is submitted to a referee and is not paid out immediately. The referees analytically examine the player and help him to find out about the logs, the course of the game and a video recording. Among other things, Aiming, running routes and visual changes are checked.
If hacking is detected, the round will be cancelled, the entry fee refunded to all players and the hacker banned.